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Roman vs. Hims vs. MediSuite: Which Is the Best for ED Medication?

Posted by MediSuite Team on Jan 29, 2021 10:18:22 AM

Erectile dysfunction, or ED,  is defined as “the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.” According to the Mayo Clinic, ED affects over 50% of all men over 40, making this condition quite common. 

Fortunately, this common condition comes with a common solution. Prescription medication, like well-known brands Viagra and Cialis, are effective for treating ED. So much so that millions of Americans are prescribed these treatment options every year. 

There’s just one problem with these ED medications: 

The cost.

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How to Talk to Your Husband About ED

Posted by MediSuite Team on Nov 5, 2020 10:16:33 AM

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, there may come a time when your husband or partner experiences erectile dysfunction (ED). While ED is common, many men feel uncomfortable talking about it, and might avoid bringing the subject up at all. If you’re concerned about your husband and his health, you may have to initiate a conversation about ED. Here are some tips on starting and navigating a discussion about ED. 

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What is a Mail Order Pharmacy & How to Use One

Posted by MediSuite Team on Aug 12, 2020 12:31:42 PM

Many men may find it challenging to fit a pharmacy trip into their busy schedules. With the convenience of a licensed mail-order pharmacy, such as MediSuite, they can get the men's health medications they need without uprooting their daily schedule or missing a dosage. Get more general information about mail-order pharmacies and how to use MediSuite below.

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What is Sildenafil and How Does it Work?

Posted by MediSuite Team on Jun 30, 2020 11:15:00 AM

Thanks to advances in medicine, men who have symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) have multiple treatment options. Medications, such as sildenafil, are a popular and effective way to treat ED. Sildenafil first came on the market in 1998, and it has become one of the most commonly prescribed medications for ED.

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Why Do Younger Men Experience ED?

Posted by MediSuite Team on Jun 8, 2020 9:15:00 AM

Most people think erectile dysfunction (ED) only affects older men. After all, almost all of the commercials we see about its treatment feature a retired man with grey hair. In reality, research shows that men in their 30s and 40s can experience ED. In fact, a study done by the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed 26% of adult men under 40 admitted to struggling with ED symptoms.

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Topics: Erectile Dysfunction, Erectile dysfunction in younger men

The Convenience of Telemedicine for Stay-at-Home Care

Posted by MediSuite Team on Apr 22, 2020 12:56:17 PM

Whether it’s due to the current COVID-19, a lack of time, or any other reason, sometimes it can be really tough to make it to the doctor’s office. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. There’s another avenue to receive your men’s health prescriptions. Telemedicine, or online doctor visits, lets you get the medical care you need, wherever you are. Here’s a look at how this stay-at-home option from MediSuite works.

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MediSuite: Our Story

Posted by MediSuite Team on Apr 15, 2020 9:45:00 AM

Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you! We’re MediSuite, a specialty mail-order pharmacy located in Cary, North Carolina that focuses on generic urology and men’s health medications. You might be wondering how we got started, and why we focus on men’s health. MediSuite was founded in 2013 by a private practice urologist who was frustrated that his patients were having difficulty getting their medications due to outrageous pricing and inconsistent insurance coverage. He knew there had to be a better way, and that’s how MediSuite came to life!

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9 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction

Posted by MediSuite Team on Mar 24, 2020 1:35:00 PM

If you are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), you might feel unsure about how to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. Here are some questions to ask your doctor that can help you understand ED and the treatment options that are available.

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Topics: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Why Keeping Blood Pressure in Normal Range may Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Posted by MediSuite Team on Mar 11, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Leading a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). This can include everything from limiting alcohol intake, staying active, and avoiding smoking. But maintaining a healthy blood pressure is one of the best ways to prevent ED. Here's why:

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Topics: Causes of Erectile Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction

How To Become a First-Time MediSuite Patient

Posted by MediSuite Team on Feb 27, 2020 12:45:00 PM

If you are looking for a more convenient and cost-effective way of getting your ED or other men’s health medications, MediSuite can help! Becoming a first-time patient is simple and will save you time and unnecessary headaches. Learn how to become a new patient in a few short steps.

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Topics: Erectile Dysfunction, Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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