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Roman vs. MediSuite: Which Is Better For ED Medication?

Posted by MediSuite Team on Jan 11, 2019 4:34:56 PM
MediSuite Team

Erectile dysfunction (ED, for short) is considered a “very common” condition by Mayo Clinic, affecting over 50% of all men over the age of 40. The condition itself is defined as “the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex,” a not-uncommon experience for men of any age.

Luckily, this common condition has a common solution. Prescription medication (mainly Viagra) has been found to be effective for treating erectile dysfunction and is prescribed to millions of Americans every year.

The problem with this solution?


Roman vs. MediSuite: Which Is Better For ED Medication? 20mg Sildenafil

Up until recent years, the cost of one pill of 50mg or 100mg Viagra is $64 or more. The common man certainly can’t afford that in prescription costs, on top of all his other healthcare expenses. Insurance doesn’t cover it (in most cases), so what’s a guy to do?

Saved By Mail Order Pharmacies

Generic Viagra is readily available from mail order pharmacies, making this treatment option for erectile dysfunction much more affordable. In the world of prescription ED medication, a few pharmacies have emerged as leaders in affordability. Both MediSuite and Roman provide generic Viagra for a fraction of the cost of the name brand pills.

Really, it’s more like a sliver of the cost. Instead of paying $64 per pill for name brand Viagra, you can pay $5 or less for the generic version.

MediSuite and Roman are two different Mail Order Pharmacies that provide men’s health generic drugs with significant cost savings. It’s obvious that both of these pharmacies are a worlds-better option for generic Viagra than traditional pharmacies. But is there a huge difference between the two?

Turns out, there is.

Differences Between Roman and MediSuite

Roman and MediSuite have many things in common. They both provide Sildenafil tablets. They both deliver medication to your door. They also both allow you to talk online to a doctor and get a prescription within minutes.

The biggest difference between choosing MediSuite vs. Roman is the cost. This is arguably the most important factor when deciding between generic medications, as the contents of the medication are exactly the same, no matter the pharmacy you get them from.

Both the generic and brand name Viagra pills have the same active ingredient called Sildenafil. When you read the different dosages on Viagra pills, you’re reading the amount of Sildenafil in each pill. So, when comparing generics and Viagra, it’s important to look at the different amounts in each pill and understand how it relates to price.    

Below, you’ll see how the price of the most common doses for generic Viagra (Sildenafil) are different for each pharmacy, along with how those prices compare to the name brand version.

Cost Per Pill

















Still, even when paying less than a fifth of the cost of the name brand, generic Viagra can be expensive. Most users are paying out of pocket and those costs can add up. Even between the two pharmacies, there are huge price differences. A 20mg Sildenafil dose from MediSuite costs half the price of the same medication from Roman.

Here are the differences between  for a 3-month supply of medication (90 pills). They amount to hundreds of dollars depending on which pharmacy you choose.

Cost of 90 Day Supply




Price Difference













Another key difference between MediSuite and Roman, besides the cost of the medications they provide, is what type of medications they provide.

While MediSuite is focused almost exclusively on men’s health, Roman has expanded to providing meds for both men and women for varying conditions, such as cold sores and smoking cessation. If you are looking for medication for those conditions, Roman could be a great, low-cost generic pharmacy solution for you. However, if you are a user of generic Viagra (Sildenafil), MediSuite is the clear winner.

How Mail Order Pharmacies Work

Mail order pharmacies ship your medication to you instead of requiring you to pick it up. When your doctor’s office asks you which pharmacy to send your medication to, you give them the name of your Mail Order Pharmacy and they will send the scripts to them. The Mail Order Pharmacy then delivers your medication to your door in 1-3 business days.

There are four main advantages of using a mail order pharmacy, such as MediSuite, over a Walgreens or CVS. Once you go online, you might never go back:

  1. Privacy. Your medication is your business. Mail order pharmacies ship your medication in a discreet package and deliver it to your doorstep.

  2. Affordability. Mail order pharmacies offer lower prices that brick and mortar chain pharmacies can’t match.

  3. Convenience. Driving to the pharmacy takes time out of your day, especially if you live in a rural area or high traffic area. Using a mail order pharmacy allows you to skip the trip and instead get your meds delivered on the same day each month. If you’re in a hurry to get your meds, overnight shipping is available for an additional fee.

  4. Flexibility With MediSuite, you can talk to a doctor online and get a prescription without ever leaving your home. Or you can have your regular doctor send your prescription to MediSuite.  The choice is yours!

(Interested in getting a prescription for generic Viagra today? Click here.)

Using a mail order pharmacy is a convenient and easy way for you to obtain your ED medication. Want to start using MediSuite? Here are a few ways to go about it:

  • To switch to MediSuite from your current pharmacy, call you doctor’s office and ask them to update your pharmacy to MediSuite.

  • To get a new prescription for generic Viagra today, click here to get an online appointment with a doctor. Ask them to send your prescription to MediSuite.

  • To get all this information and more sent to your email, click here and fill out a request form. This information will be sent to your inbox so you can save it for later.

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