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What is a Mail Order Pharmacy & How to Use One

Posted by MediSuite Team on Aug 12, 2020 12:31:42 PM
MediSuite Team

Many men may find it challenging to fit a pharmacy trip into their busy schedules. With the convenience of a licensed mail-order pharmacy, such as MediSuite, they can get the men's health medications they need without uprooting their daily schedule or missing a dosage. Get more general information about mail-order pharmacies and how to use MediSuite below.

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What is a Mail Order Pharmacy?

A mail-order pharmacy's primary function is to provide patients with their medications without having to visit a pharmacy in-person. With MediSuite, patients get their prescriptions delivered straight to their doorsteps.

It’s important to note that while it's called "mail-order," patients don't need to submit their RX via mail. Doctors can eScript, fax, or call-in prescriptions directly to a mail-order pharmacy, at which point the pharmacy takes over. Additionally, patients unable to make it to a physician's office can opt for stay-at-home care in the form of a telemedicine or online health consultation.

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Why Use a Mail Order Pharmacy?

The number one benefit of using a mail-order pharmacy, such as MediSuite, is convenience. The hustle and bustle of life can sometimes be overwhelming, but it’s important to stay up to date with your medication, whether it's for erectile dysfunction (ED), urological, or prostate health. MediSuite can get you the medicine you need in 2-4 business days.

Additionally, to reduce cost for patients, MediSuite purchases medications directly from licensed manufacturers, avoiding the extra costs associated with in-person pharmacies and insurance companies. Those savings are passed directly to patients with lower cost per dose and higher quantities of medication, which leads to fewer refills. When patients do need to request a refill, they can do it online with a MediSuite account or over the phone.

How to Use MediSuite

MediSuite's process is like a regular pharmacy, except instead of picking meds up in person, patients enjoy discreet, home delivery. Here’s how it works:

Have a Doctor Submit A Prescription

Doctors have three options when submitting a prescription to MediSuite:

  • eScript
  • Faxing to 919-200-6951
  • Calling it in to us at 919-200-6952

Confirm your Order with a MediSuite Pharmacist

Once the MediSuite team receives an RX, a pharmacist will reach out to you to verify the order, answer questions, and confirm the payment information.

Home Delivery

The last step is what makes MediSuite a convenient, mail-order pharmacy: home delivery. Your medication is shipped directly to your preferred address and arrives anywhere from 2-4 business days after confirmation. After that, refills can simply be requested online or over the phone!

Men looking to skip the pharmacy but still get their much-needed ED or other men's health prescriptions on time should consider a mail-order pharmacy. Learn about becoming a MediSuite patient today here.

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